Saturday, August 13, 2011

107 miles - and 1 sock

It's been ages since I have posted -
that's what summer vacation are meant to be:
no stress or obligations.
I spent 5 days in Minnesota skating with a group of friends:
107 miles to be exact! That's a personal record!
And in between, mainly at the airport or in flight,
I finished knitting 1 sock:

The yarn is Patons Kroy socks Jacquards "Summer Moss" -
got it on sale for $2 and it works great for me.

 Hopefully soon I will get my sewing mojo back -
currently it seems easier to work on the 2nd sock
instead of pulling out the sewing machine.


  1. So glad for your great vacation!! Love that one sock--good work while on vacation! :-)

  2. Vacations are meant for relaxation and it sounds like you did a pretty good job. Love the sock....may have to find that colorway! 107 miles! that's lots of miles!


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