Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slow growth

I have to document the progress of Modern Blossoms so that I will keep on going until the top is completed and I can get back to some Farmer's Wife blocks.
Currently I am trying to do one section each evening: that means sewing 3 rows together and add them to the main top. it seems to help me to iron and pin the next section for the next evening - then I don't have an excuse and can get right into sewing... the tricks you have to use...

So here is tonight's status: 12 rows sewn together!

And ironing/ pinning rows 13 through 15 as prep work for tomorrow is happening right now.
I can do this! A beautiful future quilt top is lurking behind 15 more rows to be sewn...


  1. That is pretty clever. I think I should try that. :) Your top is looking fabulous.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! It must be my favourite to date! x

  3. What a clever quilter!! I received my Am. Patchwork and Quilting mag today and I think your quilt is in there but the designer flip-flopped the white and the color squares. Your design is the BEST!!!!!


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