Sunday, July 17, 2011

new home for orphan blocks

While checking out quilt blogs today, I came across A few scraps and her call for 12.5" orphan blocks.
Well, here are my very first ever BOM (and quilt blocks in general) - and they fit perfectly for her Black Rock Stitchery.
Yes, they are BRIGHT.
And yes, they need some 'help' to become true 12.5", but I hope they will add some 'spice' to the quilts.
(In case you wondered: it was a Hancocks Fabric BOM a few years back... and I bought it a year or 2  after the BOM was done)
12 blocks out - and I will count it in my stash report...

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  1. these will be a part of a very interesting art project!! very nice Barbara--you're a part of it!


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