Monday, June 13, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Here is the current state of  'Town Square'
(Kim Brackett's book "Scrap Basket Sensations")
made in my red/ pink-blue-neutral homemade jelly roll.

I like it and am debating if the missing sashing cornerstones
should be in a different color
 like yellow or orange - and not in the 3 main colors.
Guess I have to cut some cornerstones and post new pictures.
That usually helps with my decision.
So what's on your design wall - link up to Judy's blog and see other amazing
Enjoy your week,


  1. Love it! That is one of my top 5 books! I think different color cornerstones would be fun.

  2. lookin' good barb! can't wait to see what color cornerstones you pick! :-)

  3. I just bought that book and have several flagged to make! Your Town Square looks lovely. Hmm, yellow, I would add green but that's only because I can't seem to avoid including my favorite color in every quilt I make :)

  4. I'm hoping my comment shows up. I like your new project very much!!


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