Monday, May 9, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Well, here is my May UFO and it is on my design wall / sofa:

It's my Double Delight half finished top (mystery by Bonnie Hunter)
and it needs a border solution.
I am open for suggestions -
though I don't have much of the original fabric left.
First a small 1.5 inch border strip
and then a 6.5 inch bigger one, but in which colors?
Some kind of corner block?
Or just one big border and quilt it?
Thanks for your help!
Please check all the other amazing design walls on Judy's blog!


  1. You could piece a kabillion square in square blocks---kidding!--I used the gold from my SinS blocks for the inner border then a 6" border of my brown, I put a 9 patch design in the corners. I think anything you do will be fabulous!

  2. Gosh I like it as it is. If I did add borders they would be be exactly the sizes you list but I don't have any idea what fabric I would go with. Or you could add a narrow border to frame the quilt and bind it with the same.

  3. My first thought was the darkest color as your smallest border. I'm a blue lover so I see a big multi- print with blue as your border but I know that might be impossible to find. I do like your idea about corner blocks...maybe just a simple 9-patch. So many of my UFOs are tops that are at this stage...I get stuck and then they get put away. Good luck.

  4. It's a beauty, barb!! what about the blue for the 1.5 in. border?? i'll bet it would 'light up' the quilt...whatever you pick, it will be another stunner!

  5. what about the gold or blue for the inner border and the background color for the outborder? I generally like the darkest color for the last border to hold everything in and frame it, but I did see one of the examples in the photos on the quiltville site with the background color as the last border and it looked great. Whatever you choose, it's a wonderful quilt!!

  6. Very lovely DD! I'm a plain border kind of gal but do like the idea of corner blocks, like the red and white 9 patches, to give a boost to the border.

  7. I might do a square in a square block on the corners. I think a thin border of the blue would look good for an inner border and the gold for the outer. No matter how you border it (or even if you don't) it will be a great quilt.


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