Monday, March 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Luckily I got some sewing done over the weekend -
or my wall would be completely empty.
First up is Beary Patch with all center parts sewn
and both side borders attached.
Now that my taxes are out of the way
I hope to have the top done by next weekend.

Next up are some Batik HST for our guild quilt.
They were weighing on my mind -
and now they are sewn, pressed & squared:
I hope the colors will fit the overall color scheme!

I sure wish I could show you my UFO on the quilt frame,
but I didn't managed to load it yet - I need 1 more hour, please!
I'll try again for next week!

Please go over to Judy's blog and
look at other amazing design walls!
Enjoy your week,


  1. I love both! My daughter really loves batik and I like how you've paired it with white on white. Is that also a batik? I believe you've inspired me to make a new design I hadn't thought of before...thank you!

  2. Good start on the blogging. Your teddybear quilt is great.

  3. you need the hour we got taken away 'Springing forward'!! beautiful work, barbara!!

  4. Cute bear, someone little is going to be very happy to cuddle up to him!

  5. Very cute and I love the hst project I have worked on. I am so bad because I just don't ever make the guild meetings. Sigh, I may not renew this year.

  6. Two great projects. I love the HST.

  7. Adorable bear quilt! Very pretty HST's...what are they going to be?!?

  8. Your HSTs are wonderful. Very beautiful batiks. Love the bear!!

  9. I love your beary quilt! I think that's one I'd like to make sometime; it is so cute. The HSTs look good too. They will make a lovely quilt.

  10. That bear is fun! I love it!


  11. The bear is so cute! It looks great, as do your HSTs.

  12. Love love love the bear! Your batiks are very pretty!


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