Monday, February 28, 2011

UFO challenge - February

It is 8:35 pm on the last day of the month -
do you know where your UFO #6 is?

Well, mine got done!! Just in time a few minutes ago!
My objective was to get Anita's Arrowhead top sewn,
backing together and get it quilted.
Tadaaa, have a look:
I used the panto Mini Ebb and Flow from Willow Leaf Studio.
Now if the quilt police was allowed in my house,
they may mention that the choice of thread color was not perfect;
which was one of the reasons I dragged my feet to finish it.
But there is no QP allowed and the UFO is done.
After binding and washing it will be beautiful,
waiting for a new home!

Judy, I wouldn't have finished, if it wasn't for your UFO challenge!
So thanks once more for kicking our...
and getting UFO's done!
Please check Judy's blog for all February completed UFO's.


  1. I think your quilt turned out great. QP shouldn't be allowed anywhere.

  2. Looks great--congrats! The UFO Challenge is definitely helping me (finishing ANYTHING is progress!)

  3. What - Who - I don't think I know any QP - Beautfiful February finish. Judy

  4. Congratulations on a great finish! I love that quilting design!

  5. I hardly recognize that block in a 2 colour quilt...very cool! Congrats on finishing! I have one of these UFO's hanging in my closet :)

  6. Phooey on the Quilt Police! I think it looks great!

  7. I love it! It is lovely. The quilt police have no business being in our homes. I love red and cream quilts. Someday..........

  8. I've really enjoyed watching this one come together - it looks fabulous and if the Quilt Police were to say anything about it, I'd tell them to go make themselves useful making a donation quilt! :)

  9. QP--I heard their funding in the national budget was CUT! Wrong thread? What is wrong with the thread, I can't see anything wrong!!

  10. Looks great - you are definitely right - committing to the UFO project is keeping us all accountable!!


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