Wednesday, February 23, 2011


On my recent travel I happen to come across ... quilts exibited at Atlanata Airport.
So if you ever find yourself in terminal "E", somewhere around gate E29, go and have a look. My photos don't do the quilts justice - the lighting and mirror effect didn't allow for front pictures (especially with a phone camera). And unfortunately I didn't write down the names and cannot give proper credit to the artists.

Well, blogger doesn't let me move the pictures around, so that's all I can do right now.
Have a great week!
I am truely enjoying some family time in Germany!


  1. The airport at Nassau Bahamas also has quilts on their walls. I was really surprised since they really didn't have a quilt store. (at least one I could find - did find a regular fabric store though so I didn't leave empty handed.)

  2. Aren't quilters amazing? They find quilts wherever they may be hiding! Safe journey back to the USA. Thanks for sharing.


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