Sunday, December 19, 2010

UFO Challenge 2011

You may have already noticed the UFO challenge button on the sidebar to the right. Judy is holding this monthly challenge and to participate you have to list the projects that you want to finish. Every month she will pull a number and we will be trying to complete the corresponding UFO during that month. For the non -quilters a UFO = unfininished Object
That's a first for me and we'll see how it goes. Looking at my UFO's I seem to have a bunch of bigger tops that need quilting. I never dared to put the bigger tops on the frame, but have learnt during the Wedding Quilt how to turn a quilt on the frame to overcome my small throat space. So no more excuses....hrmph

UFO List 2011:
1. Simply A Bloom - needs final border, backing and quilting (Moda Bake Shop project from Bloom made with Gypsy Rose )

 2. Jelly Roll Quilt Along by Moose on the Porch Quilt with Plume - needs backing & quilting
 3. Batik Whirl (forgot the name) - not particularly fond of the borders, but it needs to move on: backing & quilting
 4. Cowboy Wave pattern from E. Hartman - add some more blocks to finish as a decent size kid quilt, backing & quilting
 5. Fishing Circle pattern from Jaybird - needs backing & quilting (straight diagonal lines on DSM, not frame)
 6. Cathedral Stars by Bonnie Hunter - needs backing & quilting and it's HUGE
 7. Bears in the Forest by Julie / jaybird - needs backing & quilting
 8. Another Bonnie Hunter out of Quiltmaker magazine - needs a final border solution (nope no quilting yet)
 9. Double Delight mystery form Bonnie Hunter - needs a border solution
 10. Anita's Arrowhead - add blocks for 5 x 5 lay-out, backing and quilting
 11. Quilt one (not all) of the following big quilts - backing & quilting (2 x JoAnn Fabric BOM; Carolina Christmas by Bonnie Hunter)

  12. Irish Chain following Bonnie Hunter's direction on quiltville - needs additional 25 patch blocks to finish decent size top
Wow, what a list!
I meant to add all the links to the designers, but that is not going to happen right now.
Ok, this is my main list  - please go check out all the other participants in Judy's UFO Challenge 2011!
Every 1st of the month the chosen project will be linked to her monthly list. Let's hope I can make a dent in my projects.
Success to all that are rising to the challenge!
Happy Sewing,


  1. Wow - who knew all that was hiding in your home -You have such beautiful quilts - I am impressed and hope to follow suit with my UFO list - I need to make my list - you are my inspiration! Enjoy your Sunday and all next week.

  2. Beautiful quilts! I love that arrowhead pattern -- I hope I remember that for one of the monochromatic challenges.

  3. Gorgeous quilts! I am going to be loading a lot on my frame this year too. Won't it be great to have some of these finished?

  4. Lots of pretty quilts here. I will be watching as you finish them!


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