Sunday, December 5, 2010

Stash Report

Looking at my last sewing week: finishing up the binding and label on the Wedding quilt didn't help my stash report. In fact going to the LQS to get a decent quilt label as my printer wasn't cooperating, also brought some more fabric back into my house. Oh well, everything I bought was on sale.

Stash Report Week 48 / 2010:

Fabric used this week: 0.3 yrd
Fabric used year-to-date: 199.7 yrds
Fabric added this week: 3.5 yrds
Fabric added year-to-date: 146.9 yrds
Net used in 2010: 52.8 yrds

Having read Judy D's contemplating of 1 year of stash reports, I guess it is a good time for a review for me as well.
The year 2010 has been a real quilt year for me and I have finished more quilts than ever before. Being accountable for stash report and design wall on this blog, has pushed me to sew so much more.
It amazes me to see that I used about 200 yards, wow! I would have never guessed it would end up that high!
I still love buying fabric and do my share to keep the economy going  ;-)  and may have missed my 100 yards net used goal, but being a "1st timer" in the stash report department with the number 100 yrds grabbed out of thin air, it ain't half bad!
I think will continue with stash reports next year and will add the UFO challenge as described on Judy L's blog. This may be more a way keeping track and changing sewn tops into finished quilts.
That's my take - we will see how it goes.

Please hop over to Judy and see other stash reports!
Happy sewing on Sunday,


  1. I agree with you about how useful a stash report and design wall reports are. I am also a first timer. I thought I used lots of fabric but when I started counting I found out that I don't use as much as I thought. I am also going to attempt the UFO challenge with my own twist. It will help turn WIPs into quilts.

  2. I love reading everyone's stash reports. Another year--me too. Although I'm going to end up the year with stash numbers up, I have lots of finished tops ready to quilt. Good enough for me!


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