Monday, October 11, 2010

Design Wall Monday

I realized rather late on Sunday evening that I had nothing on my design wall.
But I had admired the special technique by Anita Grossmann Solomon
So I whipped up a few squares and followed the instructions for Anita's Arrowhead.
Wow, what a neat method - you have got to try it for yourself!
Turn 2 fabric squares with 3 cuts into the Arrowhead block.
Well, you got to sew some, too.
2 blocks are done and more to come...
maybe I do a binding and then a few blocks -
I have to keep myself motivated here ;-)
Apart from this I am keeping busy with some machine quilting,
bindings + backings - nothing for the design wall, but it has to get done.
Not my favorite occupation though,
but it will help my stash report -
that's what I keep telling myself.
Hopefully this week I will find more time to get things done.

Please go and have a look at other design walls on Judy's blog.
Happy sewing,


  1. Very cool blocks. I saw that article in Quiltmaker and wondered how well it worked. Thanks for providing some feedback.

  2. I love the blocks--let us watch the progress and see how it all ends up.

  3. Guess I better go buy a magazine. ;-)
    I love this block. I need to subscribe to that magazine since I buy every issue!
    Stitch one side, make 2 blocks, stitch the next side, make 2 know the routine. LOL

  4. They are cute blocks and I saw that in the new mag myself. This is going to be one sharp quilt!

  5. Fun blocks. Two color quilts are so classic, I love them.

  6. Thanks for alerting us to a new way to piece these blocks. I'll check out the magazine next time I'm in the store (kind of like later today.) LOL

  7. Fun play with fabric! These look precision pieced and it will be interesting to see a bunch of them laid out. Thanks for sharing!

  8. I saw that quilt in Quiltmaker and even read, carefully, through the directions. It is on my list (getting quite long) of projects to make and/or squares to use in other projects. Your's turned out great.

  9. These are really cool blocks...they sound like fun to make!

  10. I bought one of her books and loved this block. you've inspired me to get out what I did for my design wall this week. thanks.


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