Monday, October 4, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Today I got a few Flag Blocks sewn for Alycia.
Somehow I needed to find a home
for some patriotic star scraps and her block was just perfect!
And while I was rummaging through my overflowing scrap bag,
I cut some more leftovers for  a babyquilt:

So not too much sewing happening in my house,
but every bit counts!
And I really should be cutting & sewing bindings...
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  1. I think you have been doing quite a bit of sewing!! I need some pale pinks - do you have anymore of that 4 patch lt. pink? I don't need much. I can trade some blue strips for it. See you soon!!

  2. Look at both projects!

  3. I really like those flag blocks!

  4. You are right...every bit adds up. Kinda like collecting loose change...before you know it you have enough to go out to a nice dinner/supper!

  5. I try to do something for 15 minutes each day and it adds up. It can go a long way on a binding :)

    Love the baby quilt!

  6. Very cute!! Yes I have been binding and it really starts to go fast once I spend a bit of time on it. I am a short burst of sewing whenever I can squeeze it in and it all adds up to beautiful results.

  7. Love the little pink quilt! Cute.

  8. It always feels great to play with scraps and make lovely quilts from them, doesn't it? These look really good--thanks for sharing.

  9. Cute baby quilt! Amazing what one can do with scraps.

  10. Both quilts are very nice, but I love your flag blocks, very cute.


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