Monday, September 20, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Another week has blown by - not sure what happened,
but it means it is DWM  time!
First off is the Little Bright Star top that I finished on Sunday:
Then I dug into a box and pulled out blocks for a Cowboy Wave Quilt -
I still need to add a few more waves to make a decent size,
but not a bad start:
And as a rewards for having put away all my fabrics
that had stacked up around my sewing area,
I started pulling colors for Judy's Note to Self Quilt Along
(needless to say my sewing area is 'packed' again..):
The colors don't show quite right -
must be my camera and flash light.
Anyways I hope to catch up to the group
and get going on 'Note to Self'.

As always on Mondays go and check out
other design walls hosted by Judy!


  1. The wave quilt is great. I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Love the wave quilt. I have been thinking of the Note to Self quilt also but so far have been able to resist. I like your colors a lot.

  3. I like the Note to Self quilt design too. So simple and effective. Your colors are nice and bright.

  4. Love what you are creating here! Very nice! 8-)

  5. I love your cowboy wave quilt. When I read the words I thought it was the Dallas Cowboys and the wave cheer, which my DD would love, but instead it was cowboys which my DH would love. Either way it is great.

  6. Love the wave quilt layout. and your brights for the note to self quilt. I like the border of your little star quilt, too.


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