Monday, January 4, 2010

Design Wall Monday

It's Monday evening and I better get my design floor picture out and connected to Judy's post.
Nothing really new: I am working on Shadow Garden - the dark stems are stitched with a regular zigzag stitch. And Carolina Christmas is lurking in the background: 4 blocks each build another big block for the quilt. Whenever I get tired of applique stitching, I switch over to sewing them together.

Go have a look what everybody else is showing on their Design Walls. I am # 54 on Judy's list - so lots of good stuff to look at!
I have to find a better way of storing my photos. Since I started blogging I have run out of space. Maybe I give flickr another try. The first time around it didn't work right - probably operator error = newbie blogger pains...

Hope you had a good start in the work week as well,


  1. I love the flower quilt. When I saw it in a magazine a few years ago I had to make it. It's one of my favorite spring quilts.

  2. Great looking quilts!

    On the photo storage issue, some cameras have a setting for web/email which affects the digital size of the picture. Or programs, like Photoshop Elements, have a function to save a copy of the photo sized for the web. Again the difference in the size is very large. If you don't have many pictures, you may be able to adjust the size of the photos, delete what you imported and then reimport the smaller file size photo and relink to your posts.

    I don't know anything about flickr or since I am on Wordpress, but a free WP blog comes with 3 GB of photo space and after that you can purchase additional storage. I have been blogging for 1 yr and I still have 78% of space still available. And I only started shrinking the size of the digital photos half way through the year.

    I do know that you can import blog entries from blogspot to Wordpress. I know of one blogger who is maintaining blogs on both sites, and will eventually decide on one.

    But, there are limitations in WP as I'm sure there are in blogspot. Of course, I am sure anything can be done for an "upgrade fee". I am not there yet!

    Hope this helps.


  3. Your mystery is gorgeous! I'm like a snail with my block progress!


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