Monday, December 21, 2009

Quilt in a bag

And the very last stitch has been stitched on Scotties Quilt - yeah!
I even made a quick bag with some of the left-over fabrics and now I have the perfect gift "Scotties-Quilt-in-a-Bag". For the label I wrote on fuzzy-cut Scotties fabric.
So overall I would call it a success story - and last but not least: another UFO made it to the finish line!

Happy Monday,

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  1. Super cute quilt. As the recipient I may be biased but it's fabulous! And such a fun idea with the matching bag. We non-crafter types are well aware of the thought, time and effort put into such projects which makes receiving them extra special. I have already begun showing it off to more great reviews. Everyone loves it and thought it was such a clever idea. PS- Nice to comment on a blog site without much password or information ruckus.


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