Saturday, November 21, 2009

Christmas Light Mystery - backing

I saw Sara's post about the UFO's backings - and I couldn't agree more. Finally you have managed to complete the quilt top and then starts the search of some fitting backing material. And maybe you even will spend extra $$$ to buy backing fabric, which I don't like either.

Nevertheless I am quite happy with my (smaller version) Christmas Light Mystery backing. I finally used up all of the red-orange fabric. I like the color, but the quality is not quite there which made it rather difficult to sew the red bow type blocks for the quilt. And that was ultimately the reason I ended up with a small version quilt: I had enough of dealing with the red fabric. Now it is all used up in the backing - yeah!
Another finish for last week: the 1st Rainbow sock is done and the 2nd one started. It looks like I am slowly getting ready for Winter - at least concerning socks.

The weather looks promising today and another inline skate workout is on my schedule. Let's hope I can get another one in tomorrow as well. It's unreal if you think about it being almost Thanksgiving /end of November and we are seeing temperatures in the 50s in Michigan. Nice!
Enjoy your weekend!

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