Monday, May 24, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Good morning!
First of is my slowly growing Hexagon Quilt in Neptune. I am finally convinced that you cannot go wrong with Neptune, no matter how you match up the different colors, they just go perfectly together. Love hexagons and probably will do more after the Hexagon Quilt Along is over - so many possibilities! Here is a mixed hex star block:
And the 2 QfK with the borders finally sewn on, one with a yellow and one with a red first border:
Please go to Judy's blog and have a look at other design walls.
Happy sewing,


  1. What wonderful hexagons. The fabric is perfect for this project.

  2. It's a hexagon week! I love yours. So much fun. I need to create a couple mixed hex stars. Wasn't sure how I was going to mix up the extras triangles. Thanks

  3. Wow, yours was the first post. Love the hexagons - they are just gorgeous.

  4. OMG it is wonderful. You are so right about the colors.

  5. I love how you are mixing in all the variations in the hexagon blocks. I have a project in the closet that I really liked but I was stuck on it...thanks for the idea of how I can use up the rest of the fabric with different hexxies!

  6. love the hexagons-the colors are beautiful!

  7. i love love love your hex quilt!! and your scrappy block.. so smart to put all the navy together... makes a beautiful block!


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